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Multikultura Analysis, ALB

Multikultura Analysis, MK

The Annual Report, Multikultura 2017


Official name: MULTIKULTURA

Office address: Dervish Cara 5/2-2, Tetovo

Office phone numbers: +38944/377-775; +38970/858-144

Web Site: www.multikultura.org.mk

E-mail address: info@multikultura.org.mk

PADOR No: MK-2011-CAU-2405282107

Contact person: Arlinda Ilazi

e-mail: arlinda@multikultura.org.mk

Brief Summary

Multikultura is a leading civil rights organization promoting youth activism and participation in decision making and development of cultural and inter-ethnic tolerance and cooperation, established in August 2000.

The association has more than 100 active members, whose number is constantly increasing. About 30 volunteers participate in organizing, managing and conducting activities. The voluntary forum, as one of the bodies of the association, is made up by the volunteers themselves.

The Assembly of the association is the highest authority in decision-making.

The Executive Board is composed of the members of Multikultura who directly carry out the decisions of the Assembly. From the ranks of the Executive Board is elected the Executive director of the organization, who is authorized to represent the interests of the organization itself.

The main priority for the association’s operations is inter-ethnic relations through educational programs in support of tolerance, peace and understanding.

The main objectives of the association are:

  • Free legal aid
  • Assisting in providing better conditions for people with disabilities, as well as providing minimum conditions for protecting the dignity and moral integrity of people with disabilities and their families
  • Organizing different events for readapting school rooms to provide easy access to people with disabilities
  • Active participation of youth in decision-making at local and national level
  • Intercultural dialogue at national and international level
  • Tolerance and peaceful conflict resolution
  • Reducing unemployment and furthering social integration of youth


Building a harmonious, multiethnic society.


Multikultura aims a country and a region where its young population builds a bright future, through working for an inclusive society, where the main human rights are respected by all, inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts and prejudices are solved and decreased, their impact in the decision-making processes is felt, and furthermore through their built values and developed capacities they can be competitive with other peers in a global-level.

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