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Train the trainers!

Published: 2018-02-19

During 16th, 17th and 18th February 2018, Association Mutlikultura in collaboration with NCBI (National Coalition Building Institute) organized the annual Train the Trainers Training.

Through various methods of NCBI, 31 participants had the chance to learn how to overcome their prejudices and stereotypes that they have towards people of other groups and beliefs. People from all over Macedonia, including Albanians, Macedonians and Romas, were brought together on discussing how they think other judge them on the society and finding peaceful ways to overcome and stop prejudices based on different grounds such as: gender, age, color, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social status, living in the city or village and other.

The participants also had the opportunity to listen to the new and ongoing projects of Multikultura, and together they had the opportunity to share the ideas and show their interests on joining in these activities.


Workshops in the vocational schools for the importance of the practical work

Published: 2018-02-18

Within the frames of the project “Youth empowerment through Practical work in vocational schools” during December and January, Association Multikutura organized five workshops in the high schools in order to inform the students about their rights to benefit from practical work in the secondary vocational schools.

The aim of these workshops was to inform, raise awareness of the students’ right and their obligations and also empower them to make demands concerning their rights which are meant to enable them to do a future job in their vocational field.

During these workshops, it was discussed on the importance and the situation of the practical work in the high schools in Tetovo and Macedonia, and how the same can be improved in order the students to gain the required practical skills.

This project is supported by NCBI.


Meeting with representatives of Association for Democratic Initiatives

Published: 2018-02-02

On 2nd February, 2018 higher representatives of Association Multikultura and Association for Democratic Initiatives meet to discuss about future cooperation and the importance of the role of the civil society organizations.

During the meeting, higher representatives of the two associations informed each other about the activities and about common points where we can cooperate in the future.

Networking and cooperation remains a huge priority of Association Multikultura.


Training on leadership skills for young people

Published: 2018-01-31

Within the project "Building youth leadership skills through youth transformers actions" on 27th January 2018, Association Multikultura organized a training on leadership skills for young people.

Through this training, participants from different ages and schools had the chance to develop their leadership skills like the ability to guide or lead others in the course of action influence the opinions and behaviors of others, and serve as a role model in the community.

In the next months of the projects, the participants of the training on leadership skills for young people through workshops will identify community needs and based on these needs they will develop small projects.

This project is supported by NCBI Switzerland.


Kerkese per ndihme juridike pa pagese

Published: 2018-01-23

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