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Multikultura Analysis, ALB

Multikultura Analysis, MK

The Annual Report, Multikultura 2017


Youth Banks Network Macedonia (YBNM)

Published: 2018-06-27

Youth Banks Network Macedonia is informal network of youth CSOs who work on enabling legal, policy and business environment for youth employment through a model of Youth Banks in Macedonia (YB). The youth banks model understands formation of local funds in which financial means from the municipalities, as well as from the civil and business sector will be channeled, with an aim to finance community actions and initiatives by young people.

YBNM has been established in December 2017, as part of the identically named project, by CEFE Bitola, Youth Alliance Krushevo, Youth Council Prilep, Poraka Nova from Struga and led by the Association for Education Mladiinfo International that acts as President of the Network at the moment. In addition, YBNM benefits from the know-how and experience of Mozaik.

Foundation from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has been implementing this model for 9 years now in their country. Today, Youth Banks Network Macedonia has 13 member-organizations, together with our 8 new members: Multikultura from Tetovo, Youth Can from Skopje, Volunteer Center Skopje, Innova Lab – Bitola, Organization for cultural collaboration Interkultura from Skopje, Association for multicultural integration – Inkluzija from Ohrid, LAG Agro Lider – Krivogashtani, as well as Youth Empowerment Platform – Gostivar. Nonetheless, YBNM is active in 4 regions in Macedonia: Skopje, Polog, Pelagonija and South- West region. There, it will advocate for introduction of youth banks model on local level which should bring positive changes and employability of youngsters. Using this model, youth not only will act as project applicants and implement local community initiatives, but also the young people will be the ones deciding what kind of small projects should receive financial support and be implemented, estimating what the local community needs are. Thus, youth will not only gain entrepreneurship and employability skills (problem identification, solution-oriented approach, partnerships-building, project writing, project management, communication with media), but also, they benefit from numerous life skills (team work, confidence-building, sense of initiative, innovativeness, taking care of the local community, solidarity).

The Youth Banks Network Macedonia project has been funded by USAID’s Civic Engagement Project.


Promotion "15 years of supporting fair trials"

Published: 2018-06-22

Multikultura as one of the civil associations who have voluntarily joined together to observe the judicial proceedings before the competent courts in the Republic of Macedonia within the Coalition "All for fair trails" took part in the promotion "15 years of supporting fair trails" on 22nd of June, 2018 in Skopje. The main goals of this coalition are: to ensure the guaranteed rights to a fair trial as provided by Constitution, laws and ratified international proceedings, increase public awareness, identify the need for and work towards eventual reforms in the judicial proceedings, increase the practical knowledge of law students, strengthen the role and the capacities of the non-governmental organizations.



Published: 2018-07-02

Multikultura is announcing the call for applicants in the Volunteer Academy, starting from 12.07.2018.

Passionate youths during the three months period will be able to gain new skills related to entrepreneurship, advocacy, activism, arts and crafts, human rights, free speech and lot of games and social activities.

We invite our volunteers and other young active citizens to apply for this amazing opportunity, no later than 09.07.2018!

If you want to be part of the first Youth Volunteering Academy in Macedonia and enjoy with other enthusiastic young people and volunteers, fill the application in the link bellow and wait to have an awesome and educative summer!


See you @ #MultikulturaVoluteerAcademy!


Meeting with the head of the Public affairs sector within the Municipality of Tetovo

Published: 2018-06-11

Today, on 11th of June 2018, representatives of Multikultura organized a meeting with the head of the Public Affairs sector within the Municipality of Tetovo.

The aim of the meeting was discussing about the Volunteering Strategy of the Municipality, identifying the problems of its implementation and efficacy, as well as the disadvantages and obstacles of this strategy.


Multikultura became a member of the Youth Banks Network Macedonia

Published: 2018-04-26

Association Multikultura, as a youth nongovernmental organization, always is seeking for new chances and ways to contributed towards better conditions for this group.

We are very proud of joining the Youth Banks Network Macedonia.

Youth Banks Network Macedonia (YBNM) is an open network supporting youth employment using the youth banks model. This model brings a range of benefits to young people involved, particularly as regards their skills, confidence, personal growth, and development.

Youth Banks Network Macedonia is implemented by Association for Education Mladiinfo International in partnership with CEFE Macedonia, Youth Alliance Krusevo, Youth Council Prilep and Poraka Nova.

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Annual Report 2018 - Association Multikultura

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