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The Annual Report, Multikultura 2017


The Importance of Networking - A Common Mission of Civica and Multikultura

Published: 2017-08-09

Today, in the premises of Multikultura, we had a meeting with the Gestalt Center "Mladen Kostic" –Aspekti from Skopje. Knowing that one of the aims of Civica Mobilitas is the networking between its members, we had this meeting so we can create a network between us for further cooperation.

During this meeting, we informed each other about our field of operation and activities and also about each other’s mission and vision. As a very important part of this meeting, was the discussion about the common points on which we can cooperate in the future. We as a Multikultura ensured that we will cooperate and help the Gestalt Center Aspekti for its activities in the city of Tetovo.

Multikultura it is always open for new cooperation and new challenges.


MULTIKULTURA, Qualified by International Scholars as Innovative and Fundamental Organization

Published: 2017-08-04

The new study of the famous Austrian association ERSTE Stiftung, has mentioned the association Multikultura from Tetovo. ERSTE is a prestigious Austrian foundation created during the 19th century, which was intended to enable people to take fate in their hands making plans for the future. Today, they promote the values of united Europe and the world without borders.

In the framework of the foundation there is also ERSTE Stiftung Studies, which deals with publications and research. In the latest issue of their publication titled “Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges and Opportunities”, in the section on Innovative Civil Society, Multikultura as an organization from Tetovo is mentioned. According to ERSTE Stiftunf, this organization has made an extraordinary contribution to promoting youth activism, but also promoting tolerance and conflict resolution in peaceful ways in multicultural and multiethnic contexts.

As far as the organization is concerned, Multikultura is a civil non-governmental organization that promotes youth activism and their participation in decision-making and development of interethnic culture and interethnic relations, promoting tolerance and co-operation, which was established in August 2000.

The association has more than 100 active members, whose number increases daily. About 30 volunteers participate in the organization, management and development of activities. For these 17 years of existence, Multikultura has brought to the city and the region, different projects that have helped to advance the image of women, young people, the inclusion of people with disabilities in the society, better involvement of the Roma community, alleviating tensions between different ethnicities, promoting respect, tolerance and European values.


Successfully Finished the Vocational Educational Trainings for the women of Polog region

Published: 2017-07-13

Within the project "Entrepreneurship Platform for Economic and Social Inclusion From Miniority Group", which is implemеnted by Vocational and Educational Training Center in partnership with Multikultura, Macedonian Development Center for Civil Organizations and Roma Community Center, successfully were finished the three types of courses:

- Macedonian language
- English language
- Officer in accountancy, business planning and management

The courses were organized for three months in a row, at the premises of Multikultura for 40 women participants from the region of Polog.

The participants of the courses were glad and statistified from all the organization of these courses and they considered these courses as a very great opportunity where they could improve their language skills and the skills in accountancy, business planning and management, which will help them to improve their involvement in the trade market.

In the end of the courses, each of the participants was awarded with a certificate.

The overall objective of this project is enhancement of the level of economic and social integration of unemployed women from minority ethnic communities.


Successfully organized the Cultural Diversity Week 2017

Published: 2017-05-29

Cultural Diversity Week has become a traditional manifestation of the Association Multikultura, which is organized for the seventh year in a row and identified with the support and encouragement of young people to highlight their values and to exercise diversity.
The Cultural Diversity Week included various activities such as the Promotional Day, a workshop that brought together the children of the Day Center of Gostivar and Tetovo, who showed that they are part of our society and who managed to emphasize that diversity should be pride and not prejudice, a study tour organized with the members of our association in different cultural monuments in different cities, continuing with a workshop organized with young people from different ethnicities to overcome prejudices and sterotypes and to conclude with the central manifestation.
The activities organized within the Cultural Diversity Day were:
- The High School Career Fair
- Promotion of NGOs
- Children's Corner
- The Arts Corner, where young talents were promoted
- Exhibition of the students from the secondary schools in Tetovo
- Children's corner of the Day Center
- Promoting traditional food

The annual program of Multikultura is supported by CIVICA mobilitas program.


Published: 2017-05-18

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