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The Annual Report, Multikultura 2017


"What are young children telling us?"

Published: 2016-09-22

On 20-21 September 2016 in Belgrade, PRECEDE - Partnership for Reconciliation through Early Childhood Education and Development in Europe organized the conference "What are young children telling us?". .

The main aim of the conference was to support civil society's impact on the process of reconciliation and cohesion through education and development of preschool children in the Balkans and in Europe. .

Representatives of Multikultura participated in different topics workshops nd seminars, such as: Be sure to start, Road to influence educational policy to include respect for diversity in the system in Northern Ireland, From diversity to quality, Supporting resistance / diversities in young children living in regions- affected by conflict, Action research and monitoring - powerful ways to improve early childhood development and education, Active citizens through mutual learning, How to support those who care for children, Investing in children, Assessing the effects of programs on diversity with young children. .

The conference was funded by the European Union.


Happy 16th anniversary MULTIKULTURA!

Published: 2016-09-07

Today, on 7th of September 2016 Multikultura with their most distinguished volunteers celebrated its 16th anniversary.

The executive director of Multikultura - Vullnet Zenki, had an impressive talk about the beginnings of this organization. He explained to the volunteers the difficulties and the hard work that is hidden behind the success of this organization. Multikultura has always been the voice of youth. This organization showed many young people of this city full of diversities that in diversity there is beauty and strength. So, if we want to be strong, we must lie in differences, not in similarities. Together, with the spirit and the willpower, we can achieve the greatest goals a society can achieve.

And today, Multikultura is proud of the great support of its loyal volunteers during these 16 years in a row. As far as we have the support of the powerful spirit of youth, we will keep pushing forward our goals together.


Multikultura is part of the network "Mrezha 23"

Published: 2016-07-01

Multikultura is part of the well-known network "Mrezha 23". This project‘s aim is to advance the influence of the NGO‘s in the process of accession to the European Union through active involvement in the monitoring and evaluation of policies and implementation of EU legislation.

The project offers improvement of the capacities of NGO‘s by creating innovative networks and partnerships to achieve greater impact on the key reform processes in this country.

We will keep pushing forward our goals together in the field of Rule of Law, because we are stronger when we are together!


"Media, an effective tool on building the minds of children"

Published: 2016-06-24

On 23th of June 2016, Multikultura organized a debate "Media, an effective tool on building the minds of children". The participants were divided in two groups "pro" and "against". On the debate were discussed the following topics:

- Positive and negative sides of TV

- Do media affect children's brain development?

- Reality VS. Television

- What parents can do

Although the aim of this debate was to teach the participants the rules of a perfect debate, during the debate the participants expressed very interesting conclusions about this topic. Today it takes seconds to learn news from the thousands kilometers away from us, but on side people are getting more and more depended by media and technology. Not everything we read and watch on Television is true.


"Diversity Tours"

Published: 2016-05-20

Today on 20th of May 2016, 11 young people from all different ethnic groups from Tetovo visited different historical and cultural monuments in Struga and Ohrid. The volunteers had the chance to visit historical places such as Ancient theatre, Holy Mother of God Perivleptos church, National museum of Ohrid - House of Robevci family, Ohrid bazaar, Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Miladinov Brothers Memorial House, etc.

After these tours there had a joint meeting where the participants shared the experiences and discussed for what they learned for the tradition and values of each ethnic group living in the same country.

The tour was within the Diversity week program.

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