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"Media, an effective tool on building the minds of children"

Published: 2016-06-24

On 23th of June 2016, Multikultura organized a debate "Media, an effective tool on building the minds of children". The participants were divided in two groups "pro" and "against". On the debate were discussed the following topics:

- Positive and negative sides of TV

- Do media affect children's brain development?

- Reality VS. Television

- What parents can do

Although the aim of this debate was to teach the participants the rules of a perfect debate, during the debate the participants expressed very interesting conclusions about this topic. Today it takes seconds to learn news from the thousands kilometers away from us, but on side people are getting more and more depended by media and technology. Not everything we read and watch on Television is true.


Diversity Day in Gostivar

Published: 2016-05-20

On 19th of May 2016, children from the Day Care Center in Tetovo visited their peers in the Day Care Center Gostivar in order to implement a joint activity. Through a workshop, they had the chance to promote their talents in different fields of arts. After that, they organized an Exhibition in order to present their work to the visitors. Some of the children could draw very beautiful pictures; some of them sang songs while the others danced with these songs.

After the children from the Day Care Center presented their work, the visitors experienced very touching feelings watching the valuable abilities of people with disabilities.

This is a very common activity from the Day Care Centers from Tetovo and Gostivar as well.


"Diversity Tours"

Published: 2016-05-20

Today on 20th of May 2016, 11 young people from all different ethnic groups from Tetovo visited different historical and cultural monuments in Struga and Ohrid. The volunteers had the chance to visit historical places such as Ancient theatre, Holy Mother of God Perivleptos church, National museum of Ohrid - House of Robevci family, Ohrid bazaar, Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Miladinov Brothers Memorial House, etc.

After these tours there had a joint meeting where the participants shared the experiences and discussed for what they learned for the tradition and values of each ethnic group living in the same country.

The tour was within the Diversity week program.


"Diversity Day"

Published: 2016-05-19

On 18th of May 2016, Multikultura organized "Diversity Day" at Cultural Center in Tetovo - Iljo Anteski Smok. "Diversity Day" presents a day where we celebrate the diversity of our communities - a day unlike others - where we recognize, we all are different but the same! Through the mixture of tradition and modernity, all the cultures living in Tetovo and the region are promoted together. Our motto "All different but the same" can best represent the aim of the activity where we all feel proud of our cultural background.

During the activity, students of different high schools from Tetovo promoted their plan programs of their schools to the students of elementary school that are enrolling to different areas of studying. Today, students with different talents promoted their work to all the visitors. Also, NGO‘s of Tetovo had the chance to be promoted while sharing their materials to the visitors.

The activity also contained a kids‘ corner, where the children from had a lot of fun when the animators painted their face. Later, the kid‘s corner was also visited by the children of the Day Care Center in Tetovo.

After the speeches of the people that were invited in the activity, the participants accompanied by the music of the DJ, had the chance to try different traditional food of Tetovo.


"Overcoming prejudices and stereotypes"

Published: 2016-05-18

On 17th of May 2016, Multikultura organized the workshop "Overcoming prejudices and stereotypes". This workshop prepares and enables the young people to execute the evaluation/ rating of the schools, including methods of surveying and teacher rankings.

The purpose of the project was to analyze the factor- environment, in terms of rural and urban environment. Does this factor and, in the further development of the youth, first in terms of their success in school programs, and then also in their emotional perception of life in general phenomena.

Often when talking about success in school or at the level of culture and education, in our lands talks end with a simple conclusion or response that has simplified the difference between adult children / originating from the village or town . This phenomenon further, it becomes complex as our society, without going into deep analysis.

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