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Multikultura Analysis, ALB

Multikultura Analysis, MK

The Annual Report, Multikultura 2017

NCBI Macedonia

NCBI Macedonia

NCBI (National Coalition Building Institute International) is an organization that exists since 1984, headquartered in Washington, D.C., USA and intensively engaged in activities that include the elimination of all forms of discrimination, constructive conflict resolution and building bridges between members of different groups. Through organized trainings NCBI allows young people to build leadership skills for themselves and then can organize workshops to disseminate their experience.

NCBI Macedonia works at the local level as part of a larger global family of NCBI and develops programs for anti-discrimination, anti-corruption, dealing with conflicts and their resolution. NCBI Switzerland supports the development of NCBI Macedonia.

Since 2004 Multikultura has integrated the specific NCBI Program and represents the branch of NCBI in Macedonia.


  • Building leaderships skills for young people through trainings by professionals
  • Overcoming discrimination
  • Overcoming corruption
  • Building friendships between youth from different ethnic communities
  • Learning the ways and methods of peaceful conflict resolution and mediation in conflict situations


NCBI Macedonia conducts two projects annually depending on local needs and in most years a Train the Trainers Course as part of Multikultura. Multikultura is known in the community, for organizing the following activities each year:

Train the Trainers (TtT)

NCBI Macedonia in cooperation with NCBI Switzerland offers once annually three-day training for future trainers who will work on our programs. This training is held by professional and certified trainers from Switzerland and offers enough knowledge for participants to know how to lead a workshop by using NCBI techniques for topics that are including reducing prejudices and stereotypes and furthering peaceful conflict resolution.

Workshops for overcoming prejudices and stereotypes

Our program is successful because of the workshops held by trainers that have participated in the TtT. At these workshops participants are youth from high schools and universities, who have the opportunity to disseminate their knowledge to their friends, parents and family. NCBI Macedonia is working according to NCBI techniques and youth from these workshops lead with a great desire to change society and to help in overcoming prejudices and building coalitions, which is the main goal of NCBI.

Diversity Day/Week

It presents a day or week where we celebrate the diversity of our communities - a day unlike others - where we recognize, we all are different but the same! Through the mixture of tradition and modernity, all the cultures living in Tetovo and the region are promoted together. Our motto “All different but the same” can best represent the aim of the activity where we all feel proud of our cultural background.

Over the years, we have implemented various projects with different topics, such as minorities and their rights, youth access to education, increasing youth participation in the community, human rights, anti-human trafficking, reducing corruption, and raising the voice of the youth, etc.

e-mail: ncbim@multikultura.org.mk

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