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Multikultura Analysis, ALB

Multikultura Analysis, MK

The Annual Report, Multikultura 2017



Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation- SDC

National Coalition Building Institute Washington- NCBI

CIVICA Mobilitas

Macedonian Center for International Cooperation

European Union


Roma education Fund-REF

Swiss National Youth Council- SNYC

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Open society institute- OSI Macedonia

The European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights- European Union

Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance- European Union


The United Nations Children`s Fund- UNICEF

United Nations Development Programme- UNDP

United States Agency for International Development- USAID

Ministry of Culture- Government of Macedonia

Municipality of Tetovo

Partner Organizations

Youth Banks Network Macedonia

National Coalition Building Institute- NCBI Switzerland

Macedonian Development Center for Civil Organizations- Skopje

Roma Democratic Development Association SONCE- Tetovo

Community Development Institute- Tetovo

Association of the Units of local self-government of the Republic of Macedonia- ZELS

Humanitarian and Voluntary Association of Roma Mesecina- Gostivar

Vocational and Educational training Center- VETC Skopje

Roma Community Center (CRZ) "Drom"- Kumanovo

Association for Democratic Initiatives- ADI

First Children`s Embassy in the world Megjashi

Macedonian Institute for Media- Skopje

Macedonian Young Lawyers Association- Skopje

Association Center for Sustainable Community Development- Debar

European Policy Institute- EPI Skopje

Helsinki Committee of the Republic of Macedonia

KHAM Delcevo

Youth Cultural Center- Bitola

Polio Plus- Movement against disability


South East European University- SEEU

State University of Tetovo

Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje

University American College Skopje


YES Network

International Step by Step Association- ISSA

Coalition All for Fair Trials

UNITED against discrimination and racism

Partnership for Reconciliation through Early Childhood Education and Development in Europe- PRECEDE

Network 23+

National Youth Council of Macedonia- NYCM

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