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Train the Trainers!

Published: 2017-03-16

During the 10th , 11th and 12th of March 2017, in the offices of Multikultura, took part now the annual Train the Trainer Training, brought in collaboration by NCBI (Nacional Coalition Building Institute) international organization with headquarters in USA and Multikultura. 30 participants were certified in the topic "By understanding, overcoming prejudices and stereotypes" and became Trainers, after finishing the 8 hour per day intensive course on these matters. People from all over Macedonia, including Albanians, Macedonians and Romas, also a participant from Kosovo, were brought together on discussing how they think other judge them on the society and finding peaceful ways to overcome and stop prejudices based on different grounds such as: gender, age, color, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social status, living in the city or village and other.

The participants also had the opportunity to listen to the new and ongoing projects of Multikultura, and together they had the opportunity to share the ideas and show their interests on joining in these activities.


Published: 2017-02-27


Workshop 2, which are the advantages of building our future in Macedonia vs. leaving our country?

Published: 2017-02-17

Today, on 17th of February, was organized the second workshop “which are the advantages of building our future in Macedonia vs. leaving our country? Would you stay for the Macedonia of your dreams?” within our on-going project Macedonia of my dreams. 20 participants from different ages, different nationalities, both male and female were part of this workshop, and very active on the above mentioned topic. It was a very common issue that each of the young people participants worried about. It was a topic discussed in their everyday life, at home, in school, on the street, with their peers, with their parents and teachers, everywhere and all the time. The workshop took place at the premises of the gymnasium 7 Marsi, Tetovo. The activity is supported by NCBI.


Workshop 1, If you have a chance to leave Macedonia, would you leave or stay?

Published: 2017-02-16

Within the project, Macedonia of my dreams, on 16th of February 2017, Multikultura organized the first workshop with young people. There were 23 participants, youngsters from different ethnic background. The topic of this open discussion was, "If you have a chance to leave Macedonia, would you leave or stay? Would you stay for a Macedonia of your dreams?" It was a very controversial topic that was discussed among the youth. Most of them were enjoying the group of those who want to leave the country as far as they can, while the rest of them could see a real perspective in Macedonia, if they (the youth) as the future of our country work hard and make changes in order to do their best. The workshop took place at the premises of the High Technical School Gjoce Stojçeski, Tetovo. This activity is supported by NCBI.


Thirrje per Trajnim per Trajnues- Multikultura

Published: 2017-02-14

Ne kuader te bashkepunimit me NCBI (National Coalition Building Institute) - organizate nderkombetare me zyre kryesore ne SHBA, Multikultura ka kenaqesine te lajmeroje Trajnimin per Trajnues me teme: "Permes mirekuptimit ne tejkalim te paragjykimeve".

Thirrja eshte e hapur per te gjithe te interesuarit qe duan te mesojne se ne cilen menyre munden me lehte ti tejkalojne paragjykimet mbi ceshtje te ndryshme.

Trajnimi do te mbahet ne periudhen prej 10-12.03.2017, ne hapesirat e partnerit tone Pointed Consulting (ne qender te Tetoves) dhe do te udhehiqet nga trajnere te licencuar dhe me pervoje te gjate, nga Zvicra.

Metodat e punes jane pjese e programit te NCBI Uashington.

Pas mbarimit te trajnimit te gjithe pjesemarresit do te marrin certifikate per trajnere.

Te interesuarit, duhet te dergojne CV-te e tyre dhe aplikimin e plotesuar ne e-mail adresen, me se voni deri me 28.02.2017.

Vetem kandidatet e perzgjedhur do te kontaktohen!

Aplikimin per pjesemarrje mund ta gjeni ne bashkelidhje.

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