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The Annual Report, Multikultura 2017


The activities within the project "Suitcase of my life" started!

Published: 2021-07-31

After the desk research on intergenerational learning, we continue with the semi-structured interviews with local sub-groups in order to get an insight about the intergenerational approach from young people and seniors.

Today, we organized the semi-structured interview with young people in order to discuss with them about intergenerational learning and cooperation.

Stay tuned for the results of the Design Research Report on Intergenerational Dialogue and Learning Through Creative Work!


New project!

Published: 2021-07-28

“Free legal aid and psychological assistance to minimize the consequences of COVID-19 among the citizens in the Polog region” project aims to help the citizens of this region to overcome legal and psychological difficulties which emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This project is financially supported by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.


Action "Tetovo map with underground containers"

Published: 2021-07-19

There is no solution for waste in Tetovo! Garbage can be seen everywhere in the city, and there are places like black dots created by the reckless habits and actions of the citizens. One of them is the space provided for a large container in front of the Orthodox cemetery where people from other parts of the city, but also from the villages, leave garbage and even furniture, appliances and construction debris. Such places are Saat Maalo, Koltuk, Upper Bazaar, Student Settlement, Ajduchko Maalo, the old city stadium, the unfinished sports hall at the sports center, and the Pena riverbed.

The Tetovo map with "underground containers" is placed in the center of the city, in order to promote the "use of underground containers" in the future. The map shows the locations where these containers should be placed in Tetovo. Leaflets with the map were also distributed to the citizens, calling on everyone to contribute to a cleaner neighborhood, a cleaner city and a cleaner future.

The famous coffee brand M House, the busiest place for the citizens of Tetovo, joined the action.

The action "Tetovo map with underground containers" aims to point out to the local authorities the need for a long-term solution to change the practices and habits of waste management in the Municipality of Tetova.

The action "Tetovo map with underground containers" was conducted by the Association Multiculture - Tetovo, with the support of the Foundation Open Society - Macedonia.


What is mobbing in the workplace - recognize it and act!

Published: 2021-07-16

Report mobbing at:

- the employer
- the union
- The Basic Court
- The Ombudsman
- Labor Inspectorate
- The Office for Protection of Victims from Mobbing within the Association of Trade Unions of RNM.


New Erasmus+ project!

Published: 2021-07-09

We are happy to announce the start of the “Suitcase of my life” project!

Together with "Gemeinsam leben und lernen in Europa e.V.", SEAL CYPRUS from Cyprus and Ilêwasi from Spain through this project we will promote intergenerational dialogue and learning through biographic work, art and creativity.

Through this creative and artist approach, we create new room and opportunities for young and elder people to meet on eye level, to rediscover the joy of learning together and learning from one another about how to stay healthy and safe, and share stories of resilience, strengthen their bonds and acquire new knowledge and skills. This will also help to reduce inhibitions and prejudice between the groups and promote intergenerational respect and solidarity.

This project is financed through Erasmus+ programme Key Action 2.

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