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One-week school for Judiciary and Fundamental rights

Published: 2020-02-25

Within the project "Youth are the change to accession in the European Union", during the period 17-23 February 2020, was organized a one-week school for students of law and political sciences, for Judiciary and Fundamental rights.

The intensive training of the students from the University of Tetovo and South East European University was related to Chapter 23 of the European Commission Report on Macedonia`s integration in the European Union. Part of the training was dedicated to the methodology which will be used during the monitoring of the institutions, as well as with familiarizing with the work of these institutions.

This project is financially supported by Foundation Open Society Macedonia.


Human Rights Workshop

Published: 2020-01-28

Another workshop within the Wake Up project was conducted on 28th of January 2020. This time, our topic of discussion was human rights and young people had the chance through different role plays and case studies, to learn more about their rights.

This project is financed by the Erasmus+ program.


Online Activism Workshop

Published: 2020-01-24

We aren't born woke, something wakes us up, and for so many people, what woke them up was a Tweet or a Facebook post." Led by this, within the Wake Up project, today on 24th of January 2020 our team conducted a workshop on the topic of online activism.

Through real examples of the most successful campaigns, the young people had the chance to learn more about activism through the use of various forms of electronic communication technologies.

In the end, the young people had the opportunity to show in practice the gained knowledge, by planning two online campaigns on actual issues affecting our community.

This project is financed by the Erasmus+ program.


What does the new youth strategy mean to you?

Published: 2019-12-13

What does the new youth strategy mean to you was today's topic of the info session held in the Municipality of Tetovo. The aim of this activity was to promote the new Youth Strategy of the Municipality of Tetovo for the period 2020-2024, and it was presented from the process of compilation to the content of this strategy.

This open discussion was an excellent opportunity for young people, who discussed how to successfully implement the Strategy, what changes this strategy brings, and how to better co-operate between youth and local authorities in the municipality of Tetovo.

This strategy, on the following four years, should enable young people to be satisfied with the quality of their life and to become a partner of the municipality in facing all challenges.

The activities of this project are supported by Mladiinfo through the project Youth Bank Hub Western Balkan and Turkey, which is financed by the European Union and implemented by 5 organizations from the region Mladiinfo from Macedonia, Fondacija Ana i Vlade Divac from Serbia, Nvo Prima from Montenegro, Partners Albania for Change and Development from Albania and Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı - TOG from Turkey.


A new project is on!

Published: 2019-12-12

From December, the team of Multikultura launched the start of the new project "Youth against corruption".

The main aim of this project to raise public awareness of corruption by strengthening the capacities of young people in the field of investigative journalism.

Within the frames of this project will be realized different activities which will result with strengthened capacities of young people from the municipality of Tetovo in the field of investigative journalism as well as raised awareness among the citizens about corruption.

This project is financially supported within the Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP MACEDONIA in Skopje in partnership with the Human Rights Institute (IHR) from Skopje and the Media Development Center for Media Communities in Gostivar and funded by the European Union.

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