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Promotion of Diversity Week

Published: 2016-05-14

Our Program Director, Arlinda Ilazi was guest of the TV program "Fresh Air" of TV21, where she talked about the history and the aims of Multikultura. When the program host asked Arlinda Ilazi about Diversity Week, she said: "It presents a day or week where we celebrate the diversity of our communities - a day unlike others - where we recognize, we all are different but the same!"

If you want to watch more of the interview, watch the video below:


Team Building & Retreat

Published: 2016-04-18

During 15-17 of April 2016, the team of Multikultura organized an event which was designed to complement our retreat theme.

The Corporate Training workshops generally were focused on professional development topics including leadership, teamwork and personality type assessment.

The level of responsibility held by this group required solid, honest communication and relationships with a high-level of trust. The team retreat was strategic and had a clear meeting purpose.

We worked closely with to define the goals of the executive retreat, prioritize the issues and discuss the future plans within our organization.



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