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"Citizens for change-Day of civil organizations"

Published: 2017-09-25

On 23rd September, Civica Mobilitas organized the Third National Forum –"Citizens for change-Day of civil organizations".

Through stands, more than 1000 citizens were informed about the activities and work of the civil organizations, and also they had the opportunity to attend 30 activities which were organized by these civil organizations.

Multikultura, together with its volunteers participated in the forum. In our stand, citizens got informed about our activities and the opportunity to be part of our team. Also, Multikultura's team held a workshop for overcoming prejudices and stereotypes.


Third National Forum by Civica Mobilitas

Published: 2017-09-12

On 23th September, Civica Mobilitas organizes the Third National Forum. Part of this national forum will be the civil society organizations which will organize different activities.

Multikultura’s team will inform the citizens about its activities and also will lead a workshop for overcoming prejudices and stereotypes.

The Third National Forum by Civica Mobilitas will take place in the City Park Skopje, from 11 am till 05 PM.


Open call for participation in the project "Back to NGO basics", Turkey

Published: 2017-09-06

We are glad to announce our newest partnership with EGD Turkey and also to inform that for this project "back to NGO basics" as a partner organization, we are sending three participants to attend this project in Eskisehir, Turkey. Participants will attend a training course which aims to develop, discuss and strengthen a model for sustainable youth NGO’s.

Who should participate?
People who;
-are motivated, likes teamwork, enjoys participation, are responsible.
-aims positive impact on society by the organizations they have joint / are going to join with the motivation of getting know new cultures.
-have the passion for understanding the components of organizations.
-are active youth workers who want to increase their level of skills about organizational management and who has the experience of youth work at least about 1 year. (Included managers, active members, leaders, project managers, project leaders, responsible, board members etc.)
-has enough speaking level of English to easily participate to debates, brainstorms, working groups, presentations etc. during the project. (This is a TC Project! It contains several sessions workshops on topics related with the core subjects)
- Below the 25 years old applicants will have priority in the selection process.

Accommodation, food and travel expenses are covered by EGD Turkey The deadline for submitting your application is 30 October 2017.
To access the application form, visit this link: Click here.


Successfully finished another training!

Published: 2017-09-03

Today our team successfully finished the training on Project Cycle Management!

After this four-day training, our staff achieved to gain new knowledge regarding the process of project writing, managing and budgeting. We believe that every training is a great opportunity to learn new things and improve the employee’s skills, therefore we are very glad to mark the end of a new brighter beginning, with now - more qualified staff on the topic of Project Cycle Management.

"Employees cannot become more productive in every sense of the word unless they are provided with trainings"


Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation

Published: 2017-08-26

Part of our institutional grant by Civica Mobilitas is improvement of Organizations capacities through staff training. In reaching the excellence in our performance, today our team attended the first module of the Training for Project Cycle Management.

Throughout these modules our human resources will be able to take lectures from internationally qualified trainers on the topics of: Analysis and Project Planning, Project structure, Logical Framework Analysis, Project Budgeting, Evaluation and Financial Management.

Investing in people is what makes us excellent in our activities and is the best investment an organization can make.

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to“.

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